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The Arab Horse Society was formed in 1918 as a charity and as a company limited by guarantee. Its objectives were, and still are:

(i)To preserve and improve the general standard of horses and ponies, with particular reference to the Arab horse, by promoting and encouraging the breeding and importing of Pure Bred Arab horses and the introduction of Arab blood into British light horse breeding.

(ii)To improve general standards in the management, use and treatment of horses and ponies, with particular reference to the special features of the Arab horse, by the education of breeders, importers, owners, judges, veterinarians, trainers and members of the public.

(iii)To promote in the interests of social welfare the use of horses and ponies for recreational purposes by members of the public and by those for whom, by reason of their youth, age, disability or social and economic circumstances, riding or other activities involving horses or ponies provide special benefits.

The Society maintains a register of Arabs, Anglo Arabs and Part Bred Arabs and publishes volumes of Stud Books, including the Arab Horse Stud Book, the Anglo Arab Stud Book and the Part Bred Arab Register.

The Society operates a Premium Scheme which subsidises the use of approved stallions and mares with proven merit to improve the Arabian breed and the quality of offspring.

The Society holds a National Championship Show every year as well as other affiliated shows throughout the United Kingdom.

The Society has a Performance Horse Award Scheme – a year-long high points competition for ridden horses which is free to enter for members of the Society. Horses compete in endurance, racing, show jumping, eventing, dressage and ridden showing.

The Arabian horse has always been regarded as influential in improving light horse and native pony breeds around the world. Arabian bloodlines are found in almost every breed of riding horse. The modern Thoroughbred racehorse as we know it is descended from three Arabian horses – the Godolphin Arabian, the Byerley Turk and the Darley Arabian who were imported into England in the eighteenth century.

Its history in the desert – living side by side with the Bedouin tribes, in close association with humans – has meant its beauty, intelligence, athleticism, versatility and kindness – has attracted owners over the centuries. It is truly a Horse for All Seasons and a Horse for all Reasons.


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