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March 2019


It is with some reluctance that the Trustees have decided that Membership Fees need to be reviewed for 2019. The current level of fees have remained the same for the last twelve years while our costs of providing the membership services have increased on many fronts, from postage to print costs and the costs of office administration in sending out the information we are required to do.

It was decided to keep any increase to the minimum so from 2019 all fees will rise by £3 for every membership with a larger rise only applying to any new Life Membership. The Trustees are conscious of the financial obligations incurred by members in caring for their horses however we hope that members will understand that after fees being held since 2007 with no increases a small adjustment was inevitable at some time. The Trustees wish to thank all the members who continue to support the Society in the services and work we undertake.


To confirm that the show for 2020 will be held at the David Broome Equitation Centre

To confirm that the dates for the show will be Friday 17th, Sat 18th, Sun 19th Jul

To give the reasons behind the decisions 

 The National Show at Malvern has had some great memories but this year the show has resulted in a significant loss to the Society – there are many reasons for this but as Trustees we cannot allow this situation to continue (it is against charitable aims to knowingly allow a loss making exercise to happen). 

We considered other venues. A show ground needs to be able to offer specific criteria for it to be considered and at the right price.

There was an opportunity for several members to visit the DBEC to assess the site. It had so many positive things going for it e.g. excellent stables, large arenas with all weather surfaces, good catering facilities, excellent viewing positions etc.  Financially it is without a doubt the right move. The 3 Counties were given an opportunity to compete at this price to which they could not get close to.

Council really believes that this move to the DBEC will enable the Society to continue running the biggest National Show in Europe.  

The Chairman

On behalf of the Trustees of the Arab Horse Society